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The need for an emergency dentist sometimes happens fast, like if you’ve suffered some kind of fall or trauma that results in a chipped or broken tooth, exposing a nerve. Other times it can be that you’ve had a small ache for a while, and suddenly you’re lying awake at night in absolute agony and can’t bear it any second longer!

People often say that tooth pain is one of the worst pains in the world, and we understand that completely.

The best course of action is to call us immediately and we will try to see you the same day if you call between 8.00am and 8.00pm or at least the next day after.

We will examine and determine, using x-rays if necessary, what the cause of your pain is. If you can’t sleep because the pain is so bad, then the most likely cause is an infection caused by bacteria. The most common symptoms of this are an increase of pain when you touch it, a swelling or even mobility of a tooth; the bacteria have entered the tooth or the bone/gum around it and the body has inflamed the area as a defence mechanism.

It could also be caused by a cavity, either way we’ll find out how close the defect/decay is to the nerve and talk to you about the best course of action. Sometimes a root canal is the best solution, and you’ll be given a local anaesthetic to ensure the procedure is pain free.

If the infection is advanced, we may prescribe you a course of antibiotics before further treatment can be administered, but you can rest assured we will do everything in our power to stop the pain and treat the cause.


“Did you know that gum disease isn’t just bad news for your teeth, it’s also linked to serious health problems in other parts of your body? Gum disease may increase your risk of all kinds of other health complications, including stroke, diabetes and heart disease. Gum disease has even been linked with problems in pregnancy and dementia.”


If you have suffered a trauma then the cause might be more obvious. A chipped or broken tooth can be treated cosmetically, possibly with a filling, veneer or crown.

A lost reconstruction can cause an instant and sharp reaction. A common solution is a temporary filling to tie you over until a proper replacement can be applied.

It may be that you have swollen or bleeding gums, and gum disease could be the cause. Gum disease is not something to overlook. The overall health of your body can be easily affected by the health of your gums.