Your teeth are an investment for life – ask our East Preston dentists for advice.

Your teeth are an investment for life – ask our East Preston dentist for advice.
Teeth are essential to everyday life. Apart from their obvious function, the way your teeth look is an important factor to your appearance and oral health. Good teeth and fresh breath provides confidence and has a ‘positive effect’ on business, careers and relationships.

About us

East Preston Dental Clinic is a family run Private Clinic. We are located in the North End of the beautiful village of East Preston, next door to Lloyds Pharmacy. East Preston village is situated between Littlehampton and Worthing. The clinic has excellent wheelchair access, is on the ground floor and provides free parking for up to 2 hours right outside.

East Preston Dental Clinic was set up in July 2009 by Dr. Glenn Steffin, your Principal Dentist and Michelle Steffin, your Practice Manager.

We offer top quality treatment carried out in a relaxed atmosphere; consideration of our patients needs is of paramount importance to us.

All aspects of dentistry are available at our Clinic such as white fillings, hygienist services, tooth whitening and much more. A choice of materials is available to suit your particular needs, preference and budget.

Our history

In July 2010 our sister surgery Ferring Dental Clinic was opened in Ferring which is situated between East Preston and Worthing. This Clinic was opened to enable patients living nearer to Worthing easier access to their dentist.

This also helps our patients who are in need of a dental emergency appointment or a more convenient location, as we can offer them Ferring Dental Clinic.

As well as English, the Clinic can offer translation into German, Russian, Lithuanian, Portuguese and Arabic.


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