Composite Fillings by Dr. Glenn Steffin

Before and After Patient had composite fillings for restoration for their Upper Front teeth by our very own Dr. Glenn Steffin. Composite on: Left Central Incisor (2.1) Left Lateral Incisor (2.2) Right Central Incisor (1.1) and A Parapost- Glasfiber (Post) with Full...

First Aid Training Day

We teamed up with Ferring Dental Clinic and together we did a fun but intense course of First Aid Training. We do this as a yearly refreshers course so we are always prepared with any scenario that may may come our way 😀  

Welcome :)

Hey I am Teresa, you would usually find me on Ferring Dental Clinic reception, but I am also going to be here keeping you all up to date with our Weekly News Blog 🙂