Teeth whitening is the process of lightening the colour of your teeth by bleaching them. It is a very effective way of making teeth brighter and changing the existing colour of the teeth, often by several shades.

Why get my teeth whitened?

There can be a number of reasons a person might choose to get their teeth whitened. With age, teeth tend to become less white. They can become stained by food and drink – for example, tea, coffee and red wine – and by smoking cigarettes. Built up of tartar can also lead to yellowing. All of these causes of discolouration might lead a person to consider getting their teeth professionally whitened.

What is the procedure?

The Broadwater Dental Clinic, offers a take-home method of teeth whitening. This means that you can whiten your teeth from the comfort of your own home at your leisure. The results produced from take-home whitening take at least a week to become noticeable. A whitening gel and tray will be prescribed to you that you will have to apply and wear at home. You will soon enjoy the confidence of whiter teeth without having to commit to a lengthy dental appointment.


Teeth whitening does not work on false teeth, such as dentures, crowns, bridges and implants. To help ensure your teeth stay white, it is advised that you cut down on the amount of food and drink that can stain teeth, such as tea, coffee and red wine. It is also advised that you stop smoking, as this can also cause discolouration and yellowing.